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What is therapy?

Counselling and psychotherapy provides an ongoing opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, face-to-face and confidentially, with an experienced therapist who will listen and think with you as you work through your difficulties.
It is also a space to work through some of deepest wounds and trauma.

The therapist is not there to give advice or make decisions for you, but to help you find and overcome the stumbling blocks that keep you from living a more satisfying life.
Therapy is a safe place to reflect on how you respond to life events and how you relate to yourself and others.
Whether you want to discuss past experiences, concerns about the future, or issues with the way you are living right now, therapy is a route to greater self-awareness and reaching your potential.

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Who can therapy help?

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons. Usually there is an emotional issue or situation that cannot easily be resolved without help.

You may seek counselling because you are:

•  Feeling anxious and unable to 
    cope or concentrate
•  Feeling empty, sad or depressed
•  Lacking feelings of self worth and
     feel underconfident
•  Having difficulty making or
     sustaining relationships
•  Frequently feel lonely and isolated
•  Have frequent mood swings
•  Have difficulty in coming to terms
    with losses such as bereavement,
    divorce or loss of a job
•  Have obsessional behaviour including addiction
•  You feel you would be rejected
     if those around you 'knew you'
•  Are suffering from trauma or abuse,
     whether past or present
•  Feeling there is no meaning in life
•  Seeking greater self-knowledge and
     wish to develop your potential

For a confidential chat please ring me on
07768 762 123

Or click here to email me.

As a way of making this service available to more people I have introduced sliding scale payment options. You choose which rate to pay based on your circumstances. If your on a low income, student or other circumstances, please get in touch, as I sometimes have concessionary slots available.

Full rate: £100. For incomes above £ 50,000
​Middle rate: £75. For incomes less than £50,000
​Lower rate: £55. For incomes less than £40,000

I need 48 hours notice for any cancellations, otherwise I have to charge.

If less than 48hours notice, we will endeavour to re arrange within the week of the appointment.


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